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Kudos to 9 degrees Ice Cream for setting the bar on cool (as in anti-warming) vehicles in town. First bike vending, now electric vehicles to back them up. Sweet. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Compassionate Badger

Since when did hoover crafts use gas?


Zero is less than some.


I vote for "new kicks."

Bryant Seppelt

I'd get around in my ChevroLEGS. get it? Either that, or I'd take out my SHOEzukis. haha.


I vote for a suburban. Not only is it part of the name of a great movie, but it also can haul lots of stuff up to the lake. Just go there less often if things get a little tight on cash. Could you imagine traveling to the lake, two dogs, luggage, and coolers on a moped? I think not. If you think gas prices are forcing you to buy a moped maybe you need a better paying job. Unless of course owning a moped helps you get rid of your wal-mart credit card debt then maybe that's a good choice.

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