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i for one like it, its colorfull and is kind of big cityish


I think that this is a great idea. It would really add some life to the down town/ library area.


I like it, but it might clash with the post-WWII Communist Bloc-style mural that's on the other side of Ramada facing Crossroads Books. I do think that's something we need more of; inspiration for the hardworking proletariat of Eau Claire. I mean, after a long grueling day of work nothing takes my mind off social ills like a giant artistic reminder of our common struggle.


Wow! This is so perfect! Nice thinking!


Looks great!...Perhaps add a 13 pixel drop-shadow...


Brilliant! Who could make this happen? Any idea where to start?


Great spot for a giant Mona Lisa!
No, seriously - clever idea, Nick!


I would definitely donate money to a project like this.


sorry man, i guess i'm the lone wolf on this one. Unfortunately, that "real estate", and correct me if i'm wrong, is owned by the ramada. therefore the price and product would be determined by the ramada and not by the city (although regulations could be put in place). money would be a big factor in the content, and even if the city or deci put money into renting space, they couldn't afford to do it for long. and what began as a good idea, one had by many people over the years, could easily slip into another slippery slope of commercialism, like the mona lisa as rob indicated... maybe we should start with kiosks first or even just legalizing leaflets on street poles and see how that goes. that keeps marketing in the hands of the people that want to take the time and energy to promote downtown and their city.


I like the idea of using the space to "amplify the culture," but like Micheal, I'd hate to see it turn into just another billboard. How about a seriously cool, well chosen, non-hokey river-themed mural? Or something else that *becomes* part of the culture here instead of just depicting it.


a giant mirror.

yes, a giant mirror would be perfect.


It is my understanding that the city owns the parking ramp, not the Ramada – it's a public parking ramp. So, there would be cost to install such a project, but there wouldn't be on-going "rent" per se. This also means that the project would probably NOT turn into a commercial enterprise, where advertising would take over (unless the city wanted to do that down the road for revenue generation purposes). So it could be exclusively a promotional tool for downtown if that's what was decided.

But regarding what to put up on this space, Karline makes an interesting point about installing something that would become part of the culture rather than depicting it, but I think I'd disagree. I think what we need right now more than ever is a depection of the positive things happening to build awareness and generate interest. And I would also suggest that it's very difficult to achieve that "seriously cool, well-chosen, non-hokey mural" both in concept and execution.

I think installing a flexible structure that could be used for downtown event advertisements, general image ad campaigns, or even to put up temporary large scale artwork and muruals would be the ideal situation. And I still have no idea what it would cost...


Nick. Perhaps the Lamar Outdoor Advertising Company would have a rough idea about costs for this project...726-1480


What you're describing sounds like a giant billboard. I mean, yeah, it's a great location for a billboard at a community centered intersection... the devil is in the details - who owns it? who decides who gets to go on it? which events qualify? This is also on the slippery slope of public/private, akin to the private advertisements (mobile billboards) on the side or worse shrouding our publicly owned transit system. Tough sell. I like the more pedestrian kiosk idea, although I understand the billboard concept is intended to catch people trapped in their cars.


It IS a giant billboard, but a cool one if it's done right. In this theory, its owned by the city, perhaps handed over to the organization that works on promoting downtown (DECI), and then they'd work on what goes on it and what events are promoted (like images of the farmers market, concert series, international fall festival, etc). The kiosk idea is also perfect (one that isn't new either and has been proposed publicly in Volume One at length) and would work perfectly in conjuntion with a more "flashy" project like this one. The kiosks would be great for individuals and their local messages (which is desperately needed), but this new "billboard" would be great for larger-scale downtown "big picture" promotion.


This is awesome. It would class up an otherwise drab building, and bring color and a "hipness" to Eau Claire that hasn't existed before. GREAT IDEA!


Nick is correct. The lot is owned by the city.


......can we start here and move HIP UP the rest of the downtown ..... patiently awaiting the re-design of Barstow!

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