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Here's some interesting reading... I don't know
if it's the same place, but it may give some insight
as to why the bar exists.

Ivan Illyich Lyi

I know why there is a Hitler Bar. I am Korean-Russian and lived in Pusan for a while in an area called Russia town. THere is a Hitler bar close by and some of them want to just attract attention. One of them came up with the idea in an interior decorating meeting supposedly. Others are more ideological like some in Seoul, who believe in the Honorary Aryan theory. That whoever helps out the cause of Hitler is an honorary Aryan. (Only Applies to East Asians, Mediterraneans, and Middle Easterners) Also, I think Koreans have a poor understanding of anything not Korean.... So they don't fully understand what they are doing by opening up a hitler baer.


Hitler is seen as a symbol of power in Korea. I remember a full-page cellphone ad in a Korean newspaper in 1992 with a Korean woman in a full (male) Nazi uniform giving the salute. The copy translated as "Our cellphones will conquer the world".

choi je-rim

back offf dump this is not your fucking country ok?? this is south korea and they dont have any problim with hitler okay?? and like i said before this is not your country so back offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff or and go angry cuz no one care LOL!!


how incredibly astute choi je-rim no wonder Korea was just named the most socially/ culturally inept country out of 36 other countries in Europe and Asia. GOOD JOB!

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